WOW! Fares fair.


We like to be appy

We have to say that productivity apps like SkyScanner make our lives easier. And easy makes us ‘appy. Booking your own flights online was a great breakthrough. You could see you were paying the correct price without someone adding ‘a little something’ for their own pot. But then, as our local Dublin International Airport became more successful, adding airline after airline schedule, choosing the best travel option became a nightmare. Like your favourite Chinese restaurant, you’re deluged with a tsunami of choices. And that’s why we love SkyScanner. It takes all of the choosing out of it.


Now WOW Air has started to fly from Dublin, but we’ve just been talking to someone who wanted to book the service, but couldn’t find WOW as an option on SkyScanner. But it is there. Somewhere. If you can’t find WOW do check it out directly as an option. If you’re doing business in San Francisco it is a seriously cheap option with a return flight to the US west coast costing €350 on some dates (yes, it’s a dry Tuesday on a blue full moon and you do have to stop in Reykjavik for a couple of hours, but hey, if you’re a start-up, cash is blood and you don’t want to bleed to death!). The cheapest fare on SkyScanner for alternative airlines is over €500 direct. Your choice. Is 2 hours of your time worth €150 every time you travel?

1,400 flights

Again, we know, some of the flights you’re offered on SkyScanner can route from Dublin through Uzbekistan via Karachi on to Eldoret and finally to San Fran, but when we last checked there were 1,400 options available. 1,400 ways to get from Meath to San Francisco, the quickest taking just around eleven hours. That is serious connectivity.

And that’s Meath…

For those of you who missed the low-key announcement from Facebook, we’re delighted to be able to tell the world that Phase 1 of their Meath data centre is ready for the grand opening and they’ve decided, because of their positive experience we hope, to go ahead with Phase II. And though your business may not be in data you can take your cue from a company that has every option in the world open to them. They chose to #MakeItMeath. Why don’t you? After all we’re connected to the world.