We’re very appealing

Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive, Meath County Council 5th April 2017


A special team

They say that if don’t ask, you don’t get. So today I am asking. I’m asking for your help in spreading the word about Meath as a location to set up business. All you have to do is, if the subject is raised, say that you’ve heard that Meath County Council has a special team in place to help bring any new business to the county go from their first inquiry to their first day trading.


The power or words

You know how powerful word-of-mouth is. You’ve probably gone on holidays somewhere or tried a new restaurant all on the recommendation of a friend or colleague. You trust them. You trust they won’t lead you astray. Similarly, if you tell people about the benefits of starting a business in Meath it’ll be authentic and won’t be a hard-sell pitch.

Older than the pyramids

We’re deliberately not pointing out the stunning beauty of Meath. It’s part of what makes Meath so appealing. The county’s history pre-dates the Egyptian pyramids. We leave that work to Tourism Ireland who have done incredible work in making Meath the centre of their Ireland’s Ancient East programme.


To be specific

Business requirements can be very specific. That’s why, if the opportunity ever arises, that you can mention that Meath has a highly-educated workforce. Half that workforce commutes to Dublin for work every day. Most of those people would love to be able to work where they live, here in Meath. Working near home creates a very loyal workforce.

A short haul

But businesses need access as well and there’s loads of roads in Meath – four motorways run through the county, making north, south, east and west easier than easy to get to. And, of course, Dublin Airport is right on our doorstep, making London a good deal less than two hours away. New York is a mere seven-hour hop.


We have so much to offer

And if you’re a local industry you have all the supports of the Meath LEO for smaller companies while Enterprise Ireland will help you grow your company from ten employees to huge. If your brother, uncle, aunt or sister are big in some overseas enterprise we’d like you to remind them of the fantastic help that the IDA can give to companies setting up in Ireland and encourage them to #MakeItMeath. After all, @Facebook @Alltech @Shireplc and @Generali amongst other already have.

Our ask

So, there you have it. We’re appealing. We’re very appealing. We’re appealing to all of you to help spread the word. Let’s get to work in Meath. Not outside it. Thanks for the help.