Rental records reached

Jackie Maguire, CE, Meath County Council, 4th July 2017

I almost drowned in my morning coffee

I’ve just read in the morning paper that a Dublin city centre office block, albeit a fancy one, has been rented to a US online retailer for €60 a square foot, a price not achieved since the Big Crash. I understand that large corporates like large, imposing, corporate HQs to impress both customers and suppliers. It’s still an awful lot of money.

We bleed green

At Meath County Council, we wear the green jersey. We line out with Team Ireland. Our aim, like all Irish citizens, is to create a thriving enterprise culture that will attract the world’s finest companies to our shores. So, I’m delighted that Dublin has managed to attract such a high-class tenant as (bought by Walmart for over $3 billion last year) to the centre of our capital city. We hope they have a long and prosperous time there. But it’s still an awful lot of money.

This is your captain speaking

Today I also learnt that Japanese corporate culture is such that if one large corporation moves to, say, Meath, then others are sure to follow. I don’t think it’s the same in the US but, if you’re flying Business Class from New York to Dublin for example, I’m sure people talk. And that talk could be about options for setting up in Ireland. I wish I could sit amongst those decision makers (unlikely, sadly!) and have the chat, as we might say.

What price value?

Why would I want to have that chat? Well, the #MakeItMeath message is so simple. We offer all the advantages of a fine city like Dublin, but you get so, so much more for your money by locating in the county next door – Meath. The centre of Dublin is wonderful, if you can get around it. The new Luas connection, bike lanes, bus corridors and other traffic plans are making that more and more difficult. So why not opt for the access of Dublin Airport, directly out to the green fields of Meath, and enjoy a wonderful quality of life within an extremely short commute? Makes sense?

Give us your large, your small and your in-betweeners

We want to tell start-up companies, early stage companies, companies that need large sites for big footprint plants, all shapes and sizes of companies that there’s an affordable place for them in Ireland. They will not find a more pro-business county council. We have our own dedicated team to handhold any business proposal through to completion. If you’re reading this then you’re already on our dedicated website. Have a look around and then give us a call. You’ll be amazed at what you get for your money in Meath.