More flights mean much more than more tourists

Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive, Meath County Council, 29th August 2017

 The more the merrier

We’re all delighted at Meath County Council, especially the team at the Economic Development Unit, that Ryanair has announced new flights from Munich and Stuttgart to Dublin Airport this winter. There’s even better news for the team with the extension of the winter service to Naples into summer 2018. And no, the team is not thinking about their own winter breaks. They’re way too busy for that.

Delighted to meet you

We recognise how great it is for the entire island to have as many tourists arriving here as possible. And unlike other tourism centres in Europe we do have a long way to go before our sparsely populated island feels in any way congested. I hope it’s very many, many years away before there’s any chance that we lose the title of ‘Ireland of the Welcomes’.

What’s not made in Munich

No, our Economic Development Unit likes to hear about more flights coming into the country because of course, that means there are more flights going out as well. That’s very good news for those in business in Meath, to access world markets. For example, as we build a fintech centre in Meath, Stuttgart, a world banking centre, becomes a ‘must get to’ destination for financial services software companies. The answers to a quick Google of what’s made in Munich would fill this entire blog, suffice to mention just three names, BMW, Porsche and MAN, a major VW subsidiary. We have a proud tradition of industrial manufacturing, especially in farm machinery, in Meath.

Food, glorious food

Meath is also Ireland’s rising star for food, with the Boyne Valley Food Series having won the hugely prestigious Ireland Foodie Destination 2016 award. As many of our smaller craft food businesses begin to realise how great their foods are, and the potential world demand for them is, then they’re going to have to head for food fairs in world food centres like Naples. Running flights to Naples through the winter means that contacts and contracts can run smoothly throughout the entire year.

Foreign accents mean money

So, this coming winter, when you hear German or Italian being spoken, make sure to double up on your welcome to those likely tourists. For each of them who comes here, it might mean that a Meath based entrepreneur is at that very time in their home town, doing business. That’s how we at Meath County Council see the world. That’s why our Economic Development Unit wants to hear from you any stage of your businesses’ development. Oh, and if you’re German or Italian and love what you see in Meath and would consider setting up a plant here, bitte or per favore, contact us on