It’s not who you are, but where you are that can matter

Jackie Maguire, CEO, Meath County Council, July 20th, 2017

What’s your vector, Victor?

The variety of what you end up reading in my job is quite amazing. Besides what I’ll call the ‘usual stuff’ you also have to become relatively expert in, say, construction so that you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions regarding planning and housing policy. It makes sense. But I’m also reading far more eclectic material. This morning, for example, I was learning all about IBM’s plans for data centres around the world.

The Big Blue

Once upon a time, IBM was known as the International Business Machines corporation. Their salesmen (yes, they were only men at the time) wore a uniform of navy blue suits and white shirts with ties. That is, it’s claimed, the origin of IBM’s unofficial name, The Big Blue. And IBM was very, very successful selling computers the size of rooms that probably had less computing power than the phone in your pocket has today.

The FANGs are out

IBM hasn’t been as dominant for the last couple of years as it kind of lost its way (you see, I had to know my corporate history as well!). The tech world has changed with the rise and rise of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Netflix, known collectively as FANG in the investment community. These days IBM is investing a lot in data centres with 60 of them in 19 countries around the world according to this morning’s edition of the online IT newsletter, ‘The Register’.

40km zone

One thing that I learnt from that article is that IBM has a requirement for its data centres to be less than 40km from their big data customers. And that’s what got me thinking. You can take any point across South Meath and you would still be within 40k of many of the HQ’s of the big data eaters in Dublin, the aforementioned FANGs. We’re delighted that we have already landed the Facebook data centre project. But for anyone involved in seeking a perfect location for further IBM (or other) data centres, well we’d like you to #MakeItMeath

Repeat, repeat

Just this time I won’t repeat all of the wonderful reasons that businesses, all businesses, should locate in Meath. It’s all available here on our website. But it’s the holiday (or vacation) season and many émigré families from Meath return home. If there’s a chance that any one of those holidaymakers is a decision maker on locating a business in Meath, we’d love to talk to you. And it doesn’t have to be about data centres you know. We love all businesses equally. Give us a call.