Go take a hike!

Jackie Maguire, CE, Meath County Council, 10th May 2017

We’re so accessible

It comes as a surprise to some overseas entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in Ireland how open the Irish countryside is. It’s easy to see, as you land in nearby Dublin Airport, the thousands and thousands of acres of green fields across Meath, and how beautiful the landscape is. The surprise is that, in general, much of that land is accessible to citizens.

Mind the bull

Assuming you’re sensible and sensitive to farmers and farming most farm owners in Ireland won’t mind you carefully crossing their lands, so long as you close gates, stay away from livestock and avoid trampling on crops – but then again this is all common sense. In return for your care you get one of the greatest parklands imaginable, just the thing to get your (and your employees) head right, when you’re taking down time. And, of course, this beautiful amenity is right on your doorstep here in Meath.

The ‘f’ word – Free

The right work environment is critical to have a workforce in tip top condition. All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack (or Jill) dull, it can also lead to health issues. That’s why having a wide-open environment, like Meath, is a fabulous free addition to all the other benefits you get when you decide to #MakeItMeath with your business.

Games like you’ve never seen before

And that’s just if you like to hike. There are so, so many more recreational opportunities across the county. I’m almost afraid to write them down as I’m sure tucked away somewhere in the county there’s one I’ll forget to mention. If you’re from overseas some of the more unusual, but hugely popular sports you may encounter will be our own Gaelic Football and Hurling. As well as these there’s quite literally all the usual soccer, rugby, golf, horse riding, athletics …

No stroll in the park

Don’t be surprised if your workforce heads off at the end of their working day and head straight for their sports club, to put in a three-hour intense training session. They’ll do this a couple of times a week, just so they’ll be allowed to play for their club. Their weekends will be taken up with their own match and probably they’ll take a training session with a junior section of their club. That’s the norm. That’s a passion and commitment that you get for free when you choose to establish your business in Meath.

The Meath Dream Team

We have our own team and their passion is to help you. Our Economic Development Team will talk you through the entire gamebook on how to successfully set up business in Meath. They’re ready to talk to you now. Check them out and give them a ring. You won’t get better business location coaches.