The Elephant Not in the Room

Jackie Maguire, CE, Meath County Council, July 7th 2017

 They were having a laugh

We have a very lively #MakeItMeath Facebook page that I was scrolling through yesterday when I saw a posting pointing to another attraction of Meath, that we have no dangerous animals here. First of all, in made me smile…but then I thought, we take so much for granted.

Glorious St. Patrick

Indeed, we don’t have dangerous animals here. No snakes (thank you St. Patrick!), alligators, crocodiles, not even venomous creepy crawlies. Meath’s ‘Most Dangerous’ is probably a bull in a well-fenced field with plenty of warning notices around it.

No fear of the sun

There’s no chance that you’ll be roasted by the sun but equally, with the last big snows ten years ago, there’s very little chance of freezing to death either. It’s high summer here as I write and we’re expecting a warm weekend, topping out at 26C. or 78F. Everything in moderation in Meath.

Ireland’s finest

There’s a quality of life here that we do, as I say, take for granted. If you choose to live and work in Meath you know your kids are growing up in possibly the best environment possible; green fields on your doorstep, not too far from the capital city and a relaxed pace of life. If you haven’t ever been to Meath, I can tell you it’s very, very green. We have some of the finest land in Ireland here and it’s lush luscious.

No oppression here

That means when the time comes to quit work, on the weekends, on holidays etc., everything you need for recreation is here. Whether you run or cycle the air is clean and clear. There’s also plenty of space. There’s no oppressive feeling you can sometimes get in too busy, to heavily populated cities

Our favourite ‘f’ word

And the best thing about this all? It’s free. It comes with the deal. It’s part of the package. It’s another great benefit of living in Meath. Now imagine your work or business is situated just five minutes down the road from your home. That’s also possible. Have a word today with our Economic Development Team and start the journey to get your lungs full of fresh Meath air. Their details can be found on and enjoy the weekend. We will in Meath.