Economic Monitor

It is essential to understand the true economic profile of any region that you are considering as your as your new business location. As part of our #MakeItMeath campaign, Meath County Council is delighted to furnish you with important Economic Indicators for the region.

What you will find

In our regularly updated Economic Monitor you will find the most up-to-date statistics on areas like:

  • » Population
  • » Education
  • » Employment
  • » Housing
  • » Commuting
  • » Agriculture
  • » Environment

The financial status of the Local Government (Meath County Council) is also contained within the Economic Monitor. In addition you will find information on Households and Families, Crime and Safety as well as Health and Well-Being.

We invite you to access and scrutinise this data at your convenience. We believe that this information will help you to understand the economic and social landscape of the Meath region and aid you in choosing Meath as your new business location.