Connect with Meath


Meath truly is Europe’s most business ready region.


30 minutes to Ireland’s main airport and seaport served by 4 primary motorways.


1.8 million live in and around Meath, of which over 57% are postgraduates.


All the convenience of a capital city with none of the costs.

Connect with the World

Meath offers all the benefits of a capital city without the costs and congestion.

Catching a plane?

Lucky you decided to “Make it Meath”. Just 30 minutes to Dublin Airport with flights to 180 destinations in 40 countries including UK, Europe, US, Middle East and China. And avail of US customs pre-clearance in Ireland.

Shipping product?

Meath’s 4 high speed motorways connect directly to Dublin Port, gateway to the UK, Europe and beyond. Dublin Port provides world-class facilities for the efficient and cost effective importation and shipping of goods.

High Speed Broadband?

Global competitiveness demands world class communications and high speed, high capacity and affordable broadband is a must for modern business. Meath’s connectivity is constantly being upgraded to stay ahead of business demands.

Connect with our Business Ready Approach

We want you to “Make it Meath” and we’re here to help!

Our approach is unlike any other in Ireland. We’re Europe’s Business Ready Region with the sites, space and infrastructure that you need.

We provide a wide range of supports to help you establish in Meath. A dedicated member of our team will be with you every step of the way.

A business friendly and speedy approach to decision making. Once plans are submitted, we guarantee you a decision in just 5 weeks.

We’re committed to attracting new companies to Meath – we’d like you to be one of them!

Connected Spaces

We offer space, lots of space. Our shovel ready sites, vacant industrial buildings and office space are affordable, easy to access, have excellent infrastructure and have all you need to get your business up and running – fast.

Excellent infrastructure Make it Meath
Connect with Meath

Land costs are considerably lower in Meath, ideal for large footprint sites such as data centres.

With four main motorways running through Meath, the county is completely accessible and gives you a huge range of sites to choose from.

Beautiful landscapes and historical settings for TV and movie industries – home of Newgrange, a Neolithic tomb older than Pyramids, numerous castles and the magnificent Boyne Valley.

Business Ready Approach Make it Meath

Connect with People

Choosing Meath as the location for your business gives you access to all the people and skills that you need:

  • » Over 1.8m people live in or around Meath, over 57% of which are 3rd level graduates.
  • » 33,000+ people commute out of the county every day. That talent is on your doorstep in Meath.
  • » 33% of those already working in Meath are ‘Management’ or ‘Professional’ level.
  • » In addition to a highly skilled English speaking workforce, we also have citizens that speak a variety of international languages – 37 different languages at the last census count.

Our Dynamic Business Environment

Meath has all of the key attributes that make it Europe’s Most Business Ready Region. Check out what we can offer you and your business.

  • » A prime location within the European Union (EU).
  • » A highly educated, experienced and English speaking workforce.
  • » Accessible and serviced green-field, industrial and office sites ideal for your business needs.
  • » Our experience of working with high profile national and international brands such as Facebook, Shire, Coca-Cola, Generali and Alltech.
  • » Tax relief and business incentives in designated parts of the County Meath.
  • » And finally, our “can do” approach. We’re inviting you to locate here in Meath and we’re here to help every step of the way.