Sometimes is better not to be in the centre of things

Jackie Maguire, CE, Meath County Council, June 12th 2017

I made a mistake

I was wrong. OK, not for the first time, but what I thought was obvious didn’t turn out to be so. If the bulk of your business is in the middle of a city like Dublin you’d imagine that basing your business smack, bang in the middle makes most sense. And that’s where I was wrong.

The start of a business journey

Over the weekend I was chatting with a woman who started her business in Wicklow. What she found there was it was too far away from Dublin, especially at times of high demand, when her customers needed renewed supplies. Her business was doing very well but she still felt the need to move and so she set up production in the very centre of Dublin. This, she admits, was a very big mistake.

Another mistake, but not mine

Dublin is a great capital city but as we all know, with the economy booming again, it’s gridlock central. What might appear on a map to be a two-mile journey across the river can now take half an hour. And that’s just one journey. Business isn’t easy and hard decisions had to be taken. The business had to be moved, again.

Access all areas

This time they decided to move their business to Meath. The thinking was pretty simple. Instead of going through n big object (Dublin) go around it. You’ll see in many of my other blogs that I make much of the superior road infrastructure that we have in Meath. With four motorways running through the county you can access the other reaches of Dublin exceptionally quickly. If you need to get into the city centre, duck, and go down the port tunnel.

Clean, green Meath machine

When you’re in business your customers do like to see what they’re dealing with. They like to visit your factory or production centre. For that reason, particularly for food businesses, a clean, green environment helps to set the tone. It’s like a beautiful backdrop to the business, one you can be proud to show off. This Wicklow, then Dublin and now Meath business has welcomed many customers to their unit and each has been wowed by the natural beauty of the county.

Ready to move?

Business. It’s a funny old world. And you wouldn’t know why you might want to #MakeItMeath but if you do, we’re waiting for you