A moving experience

Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive, Meath County Council 28th November 2017

A piece of cake

As the old adage goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It’s taken a while to centralise our council activities in the one location at our brand new building, Buvinda House, but so far the reviews are very encouraging. Our task now is to see and to show the many benefits from having the various arms of MCC working in the same location. There are obvious benefits that should happen immediately. Instead of sending an email to a colleague that you may not be sure has been read you can spot him or her in the canteen and have that conversation one-on-one. Old school. And that’s just one small thing.

#MakeItMeath Day

This week we’re having an all-staff general meeting to welcome everyone to our new home. At this meeting I’ll be using the opportunity to remind all my colleagues right across the council, that they are part of a wider team that aims to bring business to Meath. This is particularly opportune as we head into Christmas, a time when many of us will have family coming home from abroad. Our message is simple. We want to use every contact we have to bring people and businesses back to Meath. Our slogan is equally simple. Make it Meath.  Every job that comes to Meath is another person who can work and live in our community, adding economically and socially to the county. Our county is special. That’s why we claim, ‘we’re like Dublin, but better’.

Gabbing over the turkey

It could be a casual conversation over the Christmas dinner table or maybe a chat in a pub after a bracing walk but whichever way it happens there’ll be talk. If, for just one minute, we can get that talk turned to asking whether there are businesses that those who are home for Christmas might know of, that might be expanding, then we’re winning. It’s as simple as putting Meath on the international commercial radar, reminding people that Meath is the most business friendly region in Europe. Who knows that when our wild geese have fled back to Canberra or Canada that they in turn may have a conversation at work that could lead to the setting up of a pharma factory, a food tech company, a data centre somewhere in Meath. That’s what we’re hoping for.

Doing your bit

So, if your son or daughter or farther relatives are home why not do your bit for your county? Tell them that Meath County Council has a dedicated team ready to take any business, big or small, and help them set up in Meath. Wouldn’t it nice to have the family back together in 2018?