Thankfully, one thing Meath is not No. 1 in…

Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive, Meath County Council

We’re concerned about Dublin

Here at Meath we spend a lot of time looking at the county next door, Dublin and its tremendous success in attracting many to the world’s top international businesses to locate there. But this interest in Dublin is not borne out of envy, but come from a genuine concern for the wider country, that some of those charged with finding locations for companies to expand may be put off by Dublin’s growing, and serious, traffic problems. At Meath, we’re here to help.

44 pages on traffic congestion, anyone?

I’ve previously written about background material that I read to ensure we know what our target companies, that are expanding into Europe, are looking for. For example, I can probably safely claim that I may be the only person in Ireland who has aleady read the INRIX 2017 Traffic Scorecard (see

Wasting your life commuting

This vast annual scorecard measures the state of congestion in 1,360 cities across 38 countries and is the largest study of cities’ congestion to date. Across all those cities drivers spent an average of nine percent of their travel time staring at the bumper in front of them. Average traffic speed in congestion was just 8.9 mph (14.4 kph), the same speed as 2016.

Bad news. Dublin is world’s worst

Unfortunately, Dublin doesn’t come out of this survey very well. Dublin is No. 1.- it is  cited as being the slowest major city studied at 4.6 mph (7.4 kph) during all congested periods, with peak hour speeds at 3.7 mph (6 kph). That’s not far off the average walking speed. Worse, these figures are for 2017 so don’t include the arrival of the new Luas cross-city line that is causing further traffic turmoil.

Things are moving in Meath

The good news for anyone looking at the Dublin region as their business is that traffic in Meath moves. We have motorways crisscrossing our green county. We’re right next door to the airport and with direct motorway access to Dublin seaport. If your company is seeking its EU beachhead you can land at Dublin Airport from almost anywhere in the world, and barring the usual controls, you could be with us not much more an hour later – or about the same time it takes to commute from Saratoga to San Francisco. Everything you need to know about Meath is available at and we’re ready to take your call now.