$4,500 a year just to sit at a desk

Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive, Meath County Council

It’s tough trying to turn a profit

It’s tough enough to make a profit in business but it’s tougher still if the space taken up by every desk in your office is costing you around $4,500 a year. I’ve just been reading the latest research from global property advisers JLL that says that the most expensive office space in the world is in Central Hong Kong, with every sq. ft. of space costing an eye watering $323 a year. Just looking at the space taken up by my own desk and chair I’d say there wouldn’t be much change left out of $4,500 if I was based in Hong Kong.

Lucky Meath

Luckily for me I’m based in Meath, where costs are just so different, in the best way possible. Business costs are considerably cheaper in Meath. In fact I’d guess that you’d get change out of €250 for each desk space you chose to locate in a Meath office. And that all adds up.

A third of the cost of Dublin

According to the JLL survey Dublin itself is quite pricy, coming in as the 34th most expensive city in the world for premium office space with premium space costing $72 (the survey was carried using US dollar equivalents) per square foot. That’s near enough to three times what it would cost to rent office space in Meath. For those of you who don’t know where Meath is, well it’s the next-door county to Dublin. The Meath down of Dunboyne is just 20 minutes from Dublin Airport, so we’re that close.


Cost is a key selling point for us when we’re trying to attract businesses to County Meath. You can have all of the benefits of Dublin by locating here, but without the associated costs. For us, and our Economic Development Unit that is here to help you set up your business, it really is a no-brainer. Meath just costs less. So what are you waiting for. Hop on to www.makeitmeath.com now. We’ve laid out all of the benefits for you there. Then just ring us and start your Meath journey. It really is that simple. Your business New Year resolution should be to Make It Meath in 2018.